Suggestions Needed in purchasing LED TV


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I am planning to buy a 40" LED TV. I would like to know the best manufacturer in the market that offer better service after sales and a good picture quality.

I would prefer either Samsung or LG or Panasonic.

I heard companies like Sharp and Toshiba are giving 3yrs warranty. What do you guys think about these brands based on performance ?

I prefer to go with a SMART LED TV ... 3D LED TV can also be considered.

My budget is 40k max.

I am planning to buy the TV from DSF 2013 as the prices will be less compared to India.


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I believe this is your first post, so before I begin I'd like to welcome you to the ThinkDigit Forum!

Before I give any suggestions, I would first like to say that a 40-inch 3D TV may be out of your reach with your stated budget. 40-42 inch 3D TVs are generally in the price range of 70-80k at their cheapest. In addition, a 40-42 inch Smart TV will generally be around 50k. I'm not sure if you will be able to find a smart TV or 3D TV for only 40k, so you should consider increasing your budget a bit so you can have more options to choose from. If you can bring your budget up to to 55k or so, I would suggest getting the 42LS5700. It is an LG Smart TV. If you can bring your budget up to 75k, I would suggest the 42LM6410, which is an LG 3D Smart TV (has both 3D and smart features). If you cannot bring up your budget, then I would suggest the 42CS560, which is just a standard Full HD LED TV. It also has a USB slot where you can play movie files from. All LG TVs with a USB slot support most file formats.

If you have any questions about any of the suggestions I have given, feel free to let me know!

LG WRman Sherlock, out!


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Thank U for the response...

As i told i will buying it from DSF (Dubai Shopping Festival), the prices will be less when compared to the prices in India.

I took a 32" Samsung SMART LED 3D TV last year for 35000 from Dubai whereas the same cost here nearly 50K.

So i guess the price of models which u suggested in the above post will be less in Dubai.

I would also like to know about the models of other brands like Samsung and Sony... If anyone could please suggest ..


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Also please let me know, what are the most important things that should be checked while taking a LED TV ??


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1)Panel Quality (utmost important)
2)Processing Engine
3)Build Quality
4)Sound Quality
Since you are going to buy T.V from dubai
I would specifically Suggest you Philips 40PFL7007.
See This Review
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You can buy Samsung 40ES5600 from DSF, it will cost you below 30k, and that is the best option I think.
Also you will get International warranty on the same that will be valid in India.
In your budget you will also be able to buy Samsung 46ES5600.
If you buy sony or any other brand from dubai you won't be get International warranty.
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