suggest the best buy for around 25k

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ok guys i have a budget of around 25k. i want to buy a phone with great mp3 playback as well as good cam quality. there are 2 contenders as of now.

O2 XDA mini and the nokia N91.

which one of these or any other model do u suggest for me ???


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^^ i have not seen in mumbai .... do u hav any idea abt its price and avialability


Go for O2 uget a lot of stuff + touchscreen which u only get if u buy P9XXX from SE Plus O2 can easily sync with Windows XP using Active Sync and Windows Media Player


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whatever u do dont spend over 25K to buy nokia....its not worth it!
o2 shud be ur best bet than...



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I too think you should go for the O2, XPhoneII I think it's called. It's a very good phone.
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