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Suggest Best Razor please


Ya, friends,

As the title says.

I am looking for a very good and reliable Razor to cut my beard regularly.

Please suggest the brand and kit to use.


Uhu, Not Gonna Happen!
Electric shavers cannot be used regularly. I have a Philips electric shaver but after using it when I splash after-shave lotion, it burns more than it used to be when I used regular blade razors. Your best bet is Gillette Mach III...smooth and easy shave :)


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Yes, Go for Mach III, I'm using it for more than 1 year, and I'm really satisfied, if possible use Gillette Shaving Gel for better results :)


thank you @gagan007 and @krishnandu.sarkar,

As Krishnandu suggested to use Gillette Shaving Gel,

is using GEL better then FOAM ?


Uhu, Not Gonna Happen!
I used foam in starting, then switched to gel. I didn't feel any difference. :)
But anyways they are better and faster than using the old brush and shaving cream.

Ishu Gupta

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Me too using Mach III since 2 years. Its good. I just use the regular brush and shaving cream.
The blades are expensive btw


Been using a Braun electric shaver for 2 years and recently shifted to a Seiko shaver. Both are pretty good. More because of the convenience.

For a regular blade nothings better in the market than the Gillete Mach 3. Have a can of Gillette foam. Don't see much difference between the gel and the foam.

BTW I use both but use the shaver more for convenience.


Uhu, Not Gonna Happen!
Fusion has 5 blades while Mach3 has, well as name suggests, 3 blades. Apart from that I do not see any difference.


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nice thread...

I m using Gillette Twin blades...never used Mach III
how much they cost?& so the separate blades?


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my beard is really hard, and after shave t comes back in 2-3 days, so i've re-shave at every 4 days. I was using MACH-3 but its costly so i started using Gillette guard (Rs.5 per blade) ;) Guy, want to know about electric shaver. Can electric shaver is good compare to regular blade?????? Reply guys..........


ahem.. have to check out Fusion.. 5 blades,, looks like can remove any hair :)

Any good deals in Fusion ?
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