Suggest a mobile for Rs.10000

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Hey guys! 8)
I dont know if i m posting in the correct forum..but i think i cud ask this question in the hardware forums..
After days of pestering..i have convinced my dad to get me a mobile and the limit wud be around Rs.10000.
I m seriously considering buying the T610..pls suggest soem more options!
Also..can anyone suggest where to buy it from in Mumbai.I know of Heera Panna but there are soo many shops in there!
Also i wanna buy BILL with pls suggest a good dealere if u know one.


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hmm, go for nokia 6610i with camera..., wap/gprs/radio/java/IR/ ....
sony t610 is not good, as far as im concerned...


No, T630, better then T610 cos it has a TFT screen

or streatch your budget & get a K500I


Hahaha, all those who say 6610i is better than the T610 have obviously not used the T610 or any Sony Ericsson phone for that matter.
There is simply no comparison
T610 and T630 ar a class apart from the 6610i
So, Jatin, I suggest u go for the T630, as its the best phone u can buy in 10k
Don't buy the T610, as then, both of us will have the same phones, and we don't want that now, do we?


While i ponder abt the T610,T630 and 6610i thingy..
where shall i buy it from..anyone know a good dealer in bombay..coz i m just 18 and i dont think my dad will accompany me to buy tht thing..says he will faint on hearing the phone prices!!


OK, lets see now-
1)Screen size
T610/30 - 128*160
6610i - 128*128
2)Screen type
T630 - TFT
6610i - STN
3)Screen Colours
T610/30 - 65536
6610i - 4096
T610/30 - Undoubtedly one of the best phone designs ever
6610i - Looks OK, at best
T610/30 - Awesome SE quality infrared
6610i - Poor cheap useless Nokia infrared
T610/30 - Smaller
6610i - Bigger
T610/30 - 840 m
6610i - 210 m
8)Email support
T610/30 - Yes
6610i - No
T610/30 - Yes
6610i - No
T610/30 - No
6610i - Yes
T610/30 - 2MB
6610i - 600KB
T610/30 - 32 note polyphony
6610i - 4 note polyphony
13)WAP version
T610/30 - 2.0
6610i - 1.2.1
14)Voice Memo
T610/30 - Yes
6610i - No
T610/30 - Yes
6610i - No
T610/30 - Better quality than 6610i
6610i - Worse quality than T610
17)Internet goodies available
T610/30 - 100 times more than 6610i
6610i - 100 times less than T610/30

And the final score is - T610/30 - 16
6610i - 01

Oh yeah, the 6610i is obviously the better phone


Jatin, depends on what phone u want to buy
U want Nokia, Alpha is definitely the best option
For SE, go for Heera Panna or official SE showroom
There is this shop called Alfa at irla road Vile parle (e).
Tha guy ofers good deals in xchange.
Infact tat whole lane is filled with mobile shops so u sure will get a good deal out there.


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hey,Abhijit_T, nokia is beter phone in terms of:

customer satisfaction
good after sales ...
more reliability
nokia is market leader

nokia rulezzzzzzz


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the clarity of sound and radio sensitivity is the best on nokia any place where signal is low nokia gives reliable comm where as other handsets give a break in communication. SO NOKIA is the way to go


I think i will go for the T610 for now...even tho abhijit has the same one.. :p
i dont think i wd get the T630 Bill with waranty for under 12000..
while i can easily get the T610 under the upper limit set by dad will come into picture!!
Now to go to the shop and buy it..but wen and from where..
Mabe i cud ask a few places bfore going with the money..also CASH or CHEQUE??which wud be better?


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i would definitely suggest the Sony ericcson T630 for u jatin...its a bteer phone than the T610

the showroom prices tht i have seen for the T630 are abt u shud be able to get a T630 for abt 10-11k with bill and warranty elsewhere as well....

T630 is a great phone...great features....its way beyond 6610i my friend...the screen resolution is better, the screen size is bigger..the TFT screen is quality is of conncetivity options....more memory....all this has been already mentioned....

although the software on the SE may not be as user friendly as nokia( NOKIA rules there!!!) but its definitely not bad....

had it been my choice i wudve bought the T630...


T610/T630 are anytime better than 6610i

if u don't mind camera then go for NGageQD....... it have all features u will ever need.

anyways the clarity of camera in 610/630/6610i is same at 320x240....... ans it is never a replacement of digital camera.....

if camera is must then go for k500i..... there u miss the bluetooth of 610/630 and FM of 6610i but u will get motion capture ie u can record movies with sound.... also 12MB is more than what u need to store all those photoes at 640x480....


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and abhijit, the 6610i has approx 4MB it beats the SEs by a healthy margin....but i would still say that overall, the Ses r better...if only they had more memory....


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Yep SE is better fr those aged <30
Nokia fr those aged >30

That is because SE offers fun things lke more games,Better sounds,Themes and what not

Nokia offers well pretty much nothin...It just sucks our hard earned money...

Wel I was joking. T630 by the way is really sweet ....Way Way better then 6610i and once u have used latest SE's u would not even go near any other nokia's(smartphones excluded)
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