Suggest a Budget Motherboard for AMD M2 Socket

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Guys please suggest some budget MBs for AMD M2 socket. Budget is between 2 to 3 K.

Would prefer onboard graphics better than Nvidia 7050/630i.

Also, any board with 2 Lan ports?

And which would be the cheapest HDMI output MB?

I have to assemble 2 3 pcs for our offices and one as a cheap HTPC.
One of the PCs i plan to use as a centralised computer, less than a server.


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U can go for M2A-VM from asus which is 690G based and better than nvidia 7050 imo (have got both). but will reach ur upper limit. or u can have jetway mobo based on 690G which will definitely cost less than 3k. havent come across a mobo withe 2 lan ports. u can always buy an extra add-on card for around 300 bucks. However if u want the mobo for HTPC, the best option at the moment will b AMD 780G based mobo from gigabyte which has hdmi but will cost around 4700.


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yes definitely much better. infact this is the best onboard grafix available atm for htpc. it has "Integrated ATI Radeon HD3200 graphics (DirectX10)" and with "ATI Hybrid CrossFireX support".


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Couldn't you find any other way to increase your post count?

I am not in no way increasing my post count - I just tried to help you out
as more positive opinion for a post the more one will confident to follow that post.

Also if you you surveyed the market & browsed the web sites you will come to know it's a silly idea to expect a dual lan board under Rs. 3000 budget..

Do market survey & browse a few e-shoping website & you will come to know what I am trying to tell

Go to this website to get a idea abt prices :
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