Sud i get a HP DV3005TX

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hi ppl
i'm in 4 a new budget is bout 50k.max that i can do is 53k.i was thinking of buying the HP DV3005TX whihc comes for bout 53.5k.

cudnt get the price of Asus G1S and good r Asus lappies as compared to HP?r they easily available?wat bout the price?

Primary uses:
1>Movies & Music
2>Surfing 7 Downloading (may be overnight)
3>Some gaming

plz help me to decide.will buy in a day or 2.


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ASUS G1S retails for around 95,000/- so its way out of your budget.

ASUS G2K is there in gadgets guru for 117,000

zdnetindia sells it for around 49,900.:-

Now, i dunno there mite be a mistake; u shud verify it from the retailers...

WHY dont u check out the inspiron OR XPS series from dell???? They are pretty good too...


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hey hellgate have you check the review on techtree for G1S and G2K, they are good.
the specs of the HP lappy is also decent, it has 256 MB 8400GS GPU
another model 1K costlier than the dv3005tx is
HP Pavilion dv6767TX Thrive Special Edition Entertainment Notebook PC (KP162PA)

it has +1 GB RAM and 15.4 against 13.3 of dv3005tx and the weight comparision of the two is dv3005tx is 2Kg whereas dv6767TX is 2.78 Kg

if you are in Bangalore then you can check both models in the malls easily to get a lookup of them.

Now, I started to check my favs, seems people wanna show some real competition to Dell, alot more Sony vaio models as compared to my last visit, you have whole price range to look into them.Complete Range of Sony Vaio Laptops - Check the Vaio CR range, they are all 14.1 WS

according to me vaio would be better than HP because they look better in all sense than HP lappies.
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@acewin had thought bout the DV6767TX but hav read reports in the net bout hinge breakage probs of the DV6700 reviews of G1S & G2K A1.price of G1S is out of ma budget but shall get a G2K A1 if its for 50k.


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G2K A1 is not in 50K range,
I tried to search what hinge problem you are saying, and got the info that it does not has closing locks and as I see they balance themselves on the hinge, in the review on says "The dv6700t lid does not have a latch to hold it closed, but the hinge mechanism works well and firmly holds the lid in place. There is almost no flex to the screen."

They say the hinge is good in the thrive edition
And I think none of HP models have got latch, hadnt noticed it earlier, but now I know, besides I see this for other sony models also.
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