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SSD Installation Help


hello friends, I just bought Kingston v+200 SSD drive.
1st I disconnected my old seagate 500GB 3GB/s SATA2 HDD from my Mboard's SATA2 port(power also)
2nd I connected my SATA3 6GB/s SSD to Mboard's SATA3 port and also connect power cable
3rd I installed a fresh copy of Win7 64 on SSD
4th I have a sata to usb adapter so I connected my old seagate drive to my laptop and quick formated the C drive in it
5th I installed my old seagate HDD as it was before

Everything works fine but I have a minor problem, both my HDD and SSD are in 'safely remove hardware' notification like pendrive!!!!!
Is everything ok? Did I install everything correctly PLEASE HELP


Problem solved
Disabling Hot plug capability in BIOS solved the problem. Now my SSD and HDD are not shown as removable hardware:razz::razz::razz:


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BMG ftw!!
For any HDD or SSD, Hot-plug should always be disabled and mode should be ACHI.
It should be enabled only for hot-swap bays..
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