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Square Enix India Game Development contest 2012


News 1:
Square Enix Comes To India !
After close to a year of groundwork and research, Square Enix is finally set to announce its entry into India. A team from Japan, headed by the company’s honorary chairman Yasushiro Fukushima, is in Mumbai and will hold a press conference on Wednesday to announce its India plans.
The press conference will be of special interest to Indian game developers focusing on mobile and social platforms.

News 2:The Contest
Square Enix revealed its India plans today by announcing Game Development Contest India 2012, a competition aimed at unearthing the best game development talent in India for mobile and casual platforms.

The rules

The contest is open to developers creating games for Android (2.2 or above), iOS (4 or above), Windows Phone (above 7.1) or PC (browser) platforms. The games must be in English and must be submitted via the Game Development Contest India 2012 website (soon to be launched) between 1st and 30th September 2012. The development team must contain at least one member residing in India, and while the games will be targeted at the Indian audience, contestants are free to create games from any genre based on any theme. And it goes without saying that games submitted must not be previously published/released.


The eight finalists will receive the following prizes:

Grand Prize Award (one game): Rs 10 lakh
Excellence Award (two games): Rs 3 lakh
Runner-up Award (five games): Rs 1.5 lakh

In addition, the winners and other talented participants will have a chance to work as development partners of Square Enix for IP development (if a mutual agreement is reached).

Submissions: 1st – 30th September, 2012
Announcement of finalists: 30th November, 2012
Announcement of results: 20th December, 2012



^^For Your Kind Information : Dont underetimate the power of Browser.
In case you dont know Unreal Tournament 3 can be played on a Browser.Yes.!
And it runs on UE3.
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Whompy Whomperson
^^For Your Kind Information :Dont underetimate the power of Browser.
In case you dont know Unreal Tournament 3 can be played on a Browser.Yes.!
And it runs on UE3.
For Your Kind Information Don't overestimate my power.
In case you dont know, I cannot program games for browser. Yes.!(-or no? :p)
And I can only make exe games.


exe games???Hmmm...!
Submit Your exe-game to Square Enix.:p
Maybe you get Selected.Seriously.!:wink:
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