Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory.

Discussion in 'Gamerz' started by thunderbird.117, Sep 9, 2005.

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  1. i recently brought original game.iam disappointed by it.i got a dvd-rom which is inside a paper case.another is there should be two keys.
    1.single player(which i got).
    2.multiplayer keys(which i did not get).

    anyone who purchased the game can u plz confirm it.

    did anyone play the game.it was good.
    1.splinter cell 4 which is going to release on 2006.iam waitin for it.
    2.splinter cell the movie is under production.
    3.doom movie is under production.in theatres on 2005.
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    Since you bought the original game, call up the distributor and demand your key. They will probably offer to replace your copy of the game too.

    The same thing happened when I bought the Quake III Gold Pack. It was missing the manual as well as the CD keys. I called up Milestone and got keys from them. They said if I went to their office, they would replace the game...but I was lazy :p
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    i send a email to them demanding for the key.What they said was they would dispatch another copy.but they did not sent it.iam so annoyed with ubisoft and the distributor
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