Some sites not loading in WiFi - Works fine in LAN


I am using TP-LINK TD-W8968 300Mbps modem for my BSNL broadband.
I am supposed to get 256KBps speed now.(til 20 GB and after that 128 KBps).
I am getting that speed in my desktop and laptop via Ethernet cable.
But in laptop , if I use WiFi most sites will load fine , but some like torrent sites , wont load. If I connect Ethernet and refresh it will work.
But that is not the main issue.
in mobile , I am not even able to update android apps!!!
most apps are not able to access internet properly.
Facebook app is showing error "internet not available" some time...

Is the modem's WiFi damaged ?
or is there any tweak ?


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On your router make sure these things are turned Off /Disabled :

1. Anti Spoof Checking.
2. DMZ
3. SPI [ Router Firewall ]
4. Decrese MTU value to 1480

Save and reboot.


1. Anti Spoof Checking. -Couldn't find it...
2. DMZ - There is no option to turn on/off, only an option to add server IP address
3. SPI [ Router Firewall ]-Couldn't find it...
4. Decrese MTU value to 1480-Couldn't find it...
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