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amit dutt

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hi all!

which is better visualization software?

VMware or VirtualBox?

i intended to try Mac OS X, which will better for running OS X 10.6 ?


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Re: virtualization

Well you see trying mac OSX on any system other that Macbook is illegal. And as for your first query I personally prefer Virtualbox.


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Re: virtualization

MAC's arent allowed to run on any other system other than Apple PC's or Apple Mac books.

See this-
The Apple software license does not allow Mac OS X to be used on hardware that is not "Apple-branded".[2] The legality of this form of tying is disputed by companies such as Psystar Bizon computer and PearC, who have attempted to release products using Mac OS on non Apple-machines. However, Apple claims the methods it uses to prevent Mac OS X from being installed on non-Apple hardware are protected by the DMCA, and in November 2009 won a summary judgement against Psystar on these grounds.[3]

Source- OSx86 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Also I prefer VirtualBox over VMWare


Practically VMware (although some versions may be different) and Virtualbox is the same, unless you're knowledgeable to the core details, I can't bother explaining you the difference.
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