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  1. M

    Printer under 3000 rupees

    I'm looking for a good all in 1 printer (print,copy,scan).I will be using it occasionally for academic purposes just random use.No bulk printing intended. I was not watching the printers and the technology updates for a while. So please suggest me some Thanks
  2. blackedition91

    Issue with an ebay bought phone. Need help

    Hey guys, I ordered an Xperia Tipo phone(for my dad) from ebay. I received the item. However, the seller has shipped the item intended for promotion. The box clearly states 'Item is for promotion. Not intended for retail sale'. I tried to call the seller. But all 3 numbers provided by him...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] virtualization

    hi all! which is better visualization software? VMware or VirtualBox? i intended to try Mac OS X, which will better for running OS X 10.6 ?
  4. MetalheadGautham

    Post Your Drivers Here

    Post all the drivers you know here. Be it for a laptop, a mobo or a graphics card. you can use this thread to find drivers, or request for their links. This is mainly intended to help Windows XP and Linux users who need drivers for hardware that comes with only vista drivers.
  5. H

    All your problems solved!!

    This site has solution for your every problem, pun intended :D
  6. comrade

    Nokia N72 doubt

    I bought this fone for 9.6k from wavetelmobiles last friday. Actually it was a last time decision that i switched my mind from buying E50.The phone is looking good and serving all my needs. One of review on net about n72 says symbian 8.1 runs applications intended for both 2nd edition and 3rd...
  7. geek_rohit

    Suggest CPU & Mobo for a PC under 30k

    My friend needs a system. He has a 25k-30k budget. Dual Core Proccy, preferably a Genuine Intel Desktop Board, and the mobo should have the possibilty of adding an external graphics card later on. Most of the config is done only the CPU & Mobo remains. Intended uses, Gaming, 3D, A/V editing. So...
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