Software Required For Calculating Sales and Stock in Pharmacy


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Our family recently opened up a pharmacy. And since we already have a Pc we thought of putting it to use. But we don't even have a clue of which software to use to do the following task:-

We need a sofware to save the names of medical items we bought on a day basis. Suppose we bought ten medical items, we need to save its in the computer in a format like

Item 1 Item Name Price Quantity
upto item 10. "

I know this easy task can be done easily using Ms Excel but here comes the part we found confusing.

We also want that the software shows us the total quantity of a certain item that we bought and also the quantity of items to we sold so that we can find out how much stock of that medical item is left. And also the profit we made if possible. I know that the example table i showed in this post is incomplete and we need to enter vast amount of data. I just want this task to be done with ease. Please mention which software does these task easily.


Santham accounting software[I have seen it only in kerala]

Busy accounting software[free version can be downloaded]


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I think a solution like Tally will work in your case. What you need is an accounting software with inventory function.


Santham as i have tested it once consits of inventory functions.
Tally is also suggestable

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Do you suggest free or paid?
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