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Slow torrent speed on iqara help!!!!

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hi guys i need help..IM on a 192 kbps unlimited dedicated connection on Iqara isp.my IE download speeds are about 16 to 19 however i tried usingBitcomet,utorrent and i get speeds of max 5kbps on bitcomer on the others i get 0.1kbps etc.. the torrent has many seeds uploading is high..used to get 19 when i started the connection suddenly there has been a reduction i the speed ..evn in limewire speeds of 3 to 5 max however i used to het 20 initially

PLS HELP thx:(


Wise Old Owl
Like most ISP's in India Iqara is yet another loser. They give "unlimited" connections but if you download too much they purposely turn down the speed.
There's nothing you can do except stop paying their bills.

Switch to MTNL/BSNL NU if you want proper speeds.


utorrent: Right click on the downloading file>Bandwidth allocation>High.
this might help.


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It depends on the number of seeders that torrent is having. If the seeders r less than u will get low speeds but if seeders r high then u will get high speed. Try downloading something frm microsoft site. If u get high speed then everything is normal.


Broken In
1. check the speed of your internet connection, whether it is ok or not.
2.use utorrent/azureus
3.forward the port you are using, see http://portforward.com/ for help.
4. disable DHT in your client.

I use the above tricks and get a speed above 25-27kBps on a 256kbps connection always.
Please choose the torrents which have good number of seeders/peers or it is best to use private tracker.


tried all tht ie download speed is alright but torrent dload speed is damn low its got a helat of 8k+ about 70 seeds etc.. still now workin up the speed on BC azur and utorrent gives me speeds of 1 to 2 kbps max ports fow ok !!


Use Protocol Encryption in utorrent,Try both Enabled and Forced.Limit the no of global connections and no of peers per torrent bcoz too many connections will increase ur overhead bandwidth and decrease ur D/U speed.
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hey dude .. i have the same 650 ul plan..
i was facing the same problem as you. But now i am getting good speeds of around18kbps (depending on torrent)..
I did the followiong:

1. Use Utorrent
2. Use port 1090 ( it is the port used for voip applications so it cant be blocked)
3. Enable Encryption as mentioned in one of the above posts.

This should work!
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