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SLI : TRU stuff 4 performance

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SLI technology introduced by nVidia is a gr8 stuff. With load dividing on 2 GPUs it can pump tons of Pixel programmes and make any designer or gamer happy to heaven after losing hell of money. :roll: :wink:
but it is sumthing like SMT(symmetrical Multiprocessing technology)



the discussion went on for quite a bit .. check it out


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hey raven...that is a really cool pic u got there....u have always been the 1 who tells ppl 2 search b4 posting...thats y r have 1800+ posts...just kidding....lets make a bunch of these pix...with diff colors and stuff so that every1 can use em....what say??? so that u r not the only 1 with a copyright...


:p @nemesis i provide the link too when i ask them to search .. thats almost like helping out :lol:
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hmmm i kinda put the copyright cuz someone used it when i said no :D
anyways its pretty simple to edit it ... all i ask is someone inform me if they are using it ...
then u can keep the same if u want .. i have no hassles :D
and yeah i saw that one by dexie too :D
and previously he used to use just the "Search" button as ive noticed
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