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Should I wait for Snapdragon 820 phone or pick up a latest phone.


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Hi all,

I am going to purchase a new android smartphone by new year. After reading specifications regarding snap dragon 820 processor,
I am in a dilemma, regarding whether the wait is worth or can i pick up a latest smartphone within a budget of 25k. (I know the snapdragon 820 phones will be touching 30k. So I can extend my budget.)

Experts please guide and give me choices for purchase.



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Snapdragon's best right now is 810 which I would like to avoid. That is the reason why I did not choose the Nexus 6P.
If I were in your position, I would wait till next gens (Snapdragon 820 & Exynos 8890) are coming out.
S820 phones wil be launched at 50k & price will come down to 35k in 6 months

For what purpose will you use your phone? That's the main thing

For most people even a S410 + 720p screen will do common tasks easily. I have seen people using latest flagship phones (S6, G4, 6S...) for just web browsing, fb, chatting, casual games & camera. If you are not into heavy games, Moto X Play is a great choice & a VFM phone. For a smaller device, Nexus 5X is good but 16GB internal kills the fun

With the launch of S820 & Exynos 8890, you might get S6, Note 4, G4 at around 25k (maybe by May 2016)... Avoid S810 devices


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No, in short, but then again stuffs which will release later will be better than current gen anyway, the question is to what extent though.

There are plenty great phones already available, I don't know about that 25k budget, but I think Nexus 5X (I don't recommend LG at all, but people still use it) and Moto X Style should be your choice.
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