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The teacher got angry because either they are frustrated with their own profession and want to relieve tension or you spoke in a language too high for them to understand and they didnt know what to do
when ever i try to argue with them they just send me out of the class :(


Whompy Whomperson
Today we were taken on campus tour of a university. The lecture hall we were in had mics on all tables for students. Just when the teacher stopped teaching, some sounds came from speakers, "Oye..hello hello mic testing... chal rha h! Gaana chala.." Then he played "Chikni Chameli" song on his mobile and kept it next to the mic. No one knows who that was. :lol:

But this was a perfect example of how we(Indians) misuse anything offered to us.

[Thou shalt not reply to me with a "Indian culture is to blame!"]


Right off the assembly line
During my school days in class XI, We always use to play cricket in our class by closing the class door and our Maths teacher had to wait outside the class. :lol:

Even during college our batch was the only one who use to play cricket in the interval. We were so notorious that when we left the college, Sir said "Tumlog se jyaada shaitan batch aaj tak nahi aaya". Once we were in the lab and one of my friends smashed the keyboard into the monitor and when sir asked, he replied "Sir plane uda rahe the crash ho gaya". :rofl:
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