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There is a ASUS contest ad which is being shown before logging in the forum. The link is leading to nowhere. Can anyone verify the ad link?
And thnx for this contest

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oh wow...Xenforo!!!
#1. You should use the word "HD Tune" and not Speedster. HD Tune is not owned by Seagate.
#2. Sumon raised it on the forums: "are there any restriction on flash based storage's? anyone with an SSD will win Hands down."
#3. It requires manual filling up. So technically anyone can write B.S. numbers and get away with it- even win. no point of putting screenshots. Anyone can search for screenshots and upload it as their own!
#4. Why not submit PCMark Vantage/11 scores instead? You can know the system config and hence verify the drive used for testing storage tests.
#5. There a rule in your contest that government employees can't participate. Now, how would you know if he or she is a government employee or not? A clarification should be there why government employees can't participate in this contest.

What about velociraptors? :p. Rules are not very clear, are they?
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They said "You are also requested to mail us the screenshot of your hard disk drive brand name, model number and serial number."


this is an epic move by seagate to nail pirated hard disks. hence all the questions about disclosing serial numbers and model numbers.


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ohh... its for those who has faster drive only ??

I stand no chance then, not going to participate, no chance :(

If it would have been like random winner from entries, then might have given in the details.


contest is over, a long time back. too bad. we could have trolled. made it look like a drive with insane read speed but slow write speed.


Back on TDF :)
^^ Yes the contest is over a long time back and what now is the participants waiting for WINNERS announcement, i don't know when it's going to be announced, when they'll complete there judging ? i got a mail too for proof submission as last-stage process, mine is Seagate HDD but i don't think i'm going to be a potential winner among SSD's :D


just got email but not sure is this over or not? plz help!

Hi Kapil,

Congratulations! you are a winner of Digit Seagate Speedster Contest.

In order to receive your prize, you need to mail us your picture and your complete address, including the area PIN code. You are also requested to mail us a testimonial & your experience with this contest. The last day for receiving the details is 15th February, 2013. No claim will be entertained after this period and prizes will be dispatched to wait-listed winners. Prizes will be dispatched in another 4 weeks.

ThinkDigit Team.
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