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Samsung Galaxy Core I8262


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Plz Review About Samsung Galaxy Core I8262;

Specially About:

CPU: Dual-core 1.2 GHz(Info??)
GPS: A-GPS support
Internal: 8 GB.
BATTERY: Li-Ion 1800 mAh battery

I am not a hardcore gamer, but use lots of Apps,Messengers and internet ..


Peak Oil is real!
Battery life is much better then Sony Xperia L..

How much better battery life?

Xperia L has a better processor, better GPU, better camera, better screen, better design, potentially excellent XDA support because of Qualcomm SOC...


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Phone <=15k

Plz Review About Samsung Galaxy Core,

And , should i wait for Sony Xperia M..

Budget -> 15k.
platform -> Android+dual Core+1GB ram+Good battery life.
Display-> (4-4.3 max 4.7)
when to buy -> July end or mid August
Wait for Xperia M. It looks lovely..Looks like a miniature Xperia Z from the sides... Its a 4 inch phone..1 Gb RAM, S4 Plus Soc , same battery as Xperia L 1750 so expect it to last longer than the L
In case the Xperia M doesnt release soon---
Above 15k go for Xperia L (its 16.5K now)
Below 15k go for Lumia 620 or Samsung Galaxy Advance (almost 2 yr old)

Cuz in the budget phone arena, Androids are sh*t other than Sony's phones.

Or you can go for small brands.. The Lava q800 is a kickass product. look it up on the internet.
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