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Saints Row: The Third has a 'Whored Mode'

On top of the main storyline and co-op play in Saints Row: The Third comes a third game mode called "Whored Mode." Yes, you read that right. Whored Mode shares the same basic concept as any other Horde mode where you and a buddy will go up against wave-after-wave of enemies.

Each wave is very specific and unique from the last, with the first wave seeing you facing off against, what else, dozens of whores. Don't worry, it's not just whores you'll be fighting against.

Once each wave is taken out, you're taken to a stat page that shows your progress and gives you a few seconds to rest before the next wave. You're then placed into the map again and wave two sees you fighting question marks. No, I mean, like actually questions marks that are floating in the air. And they're wielding machine guns. Yeah.

Wave three sees you in a tank taking on a bunch of naked Brutes. Wave four has you using the giant purple dildo against a bunch of gimps that are also using giant purple dildos. Wave five has you up against angels with sniper rifles.

It basically just gets weirder and weirder. Later waves saw me up against whores on rollerblades, giant and mini soda can mascots, zombies, giant hoes and so on. Each wave also had me using a different weapon or vehicle to take on the waves.

If your partner is taken down in a wave, you have about 30 seconds to go and rescue them by picking them back up. If both players die, you'll simply restart the wave. It was a nice surprise as I was expecting I'd have to start all the way from the first wave like any other Horde based game.

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This game has a lot and lot to offer and best part is that they did it right. I hope PC version would also be great unlike previous games.


Saints Row The Third is up for pre-order at flipkart for Rs 615 << much cheaper compared to other games. :)) Its a buy for me. I think it will release here by the last week of november.
Edit- its available now.
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Shameful and pathetic. Devs trying every known trick in the book to make money. This is just disgustingly low.

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omg! this is bad.. i just got the game.. we can add cheats but this is just insane on THQ's part.. two basic cheats Health and Ammo are now paid? The publisher has gone mad just like the game.. !!! wtf! i mean it. >.<
Saints Row: The Third Cheats, Saints Row: The Third Cheat Codes, Saints Row: The Third PC Cheats | GamesRadar here are some cheats. the packs clearly not worth it. its not even a dl-able 'content' to begin with.
these are better :)
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Wtf ? Pay for Cheats ?
What further?
They'll ask money for cutscenes?:lol: Madness.....


cheats are fun but you don't get achievements while using one. co-op is very chaotic and awesomely funny.. loads of enemies... LOADS of them in whored mode. didn't survive too long xD. will finish the story then get into some whored(love the name!) mode later.
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Pay for cheats , lol! That's a first , well done THQ! But eh, personally I don't use cheats. Takes the fun out of the game.
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