SA kicks the @$$ of AUS...

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After the historic test victory, south africa once again beats the australia in a odi series with a match to spare and wins the series with 3-1..

today's match summary:
aus won the toss and chose to bat first. With the two early blows, ponting and hussey tried to rebuild the innings at one stage they were 94-2 in 20 overs and heading towards the big total like 280 but, with the spectacular bowling of johan botha, hussey got out and after that the wickets fell regular intervals and they got allot for 223 which is never enough for the south africans.
When sa came to bat, gibbs rocks the stadium with 38 runs of just 29 balls..after he gets out kallis also gots out quickly..after this, amla and deviliars take the sa to home with out losing a wicket.

source: television:D


sight-screen problems you knw ... common in fourth world countries.

thats y aussies (sukers) cud not sight the ball.


^ lol hayden's gone....

symonds has been sent to rehab and not even being considered for the next ODI series..

brett lee ? is he still playing ?

well, Oz have had their years of domination and its now for the others to step up [SA]


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ever nation has its ups and downs....remember , we were hockey champions look were we are


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and if india wins the SriLanka series as 5-0 India could be at the top spot..!!! just hoping India to win the rest 4 matches...


It's true Im not confused
After the retirement of McGrath and Warne and Gilchrist, it was only a matter of time that they start getting blows from other countries


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Oz in trouble again in 5th ODI today...:). SA made 288/6 (50 ov). OZ are now 71/4 (19.0 ov).:D. Let's hope SA win the series 4-1. Hussey is now there, let's see how big/great player he is and how can he rescue Oz.:p

Mangal Pandey

he's having some problem with his ankle or something.......may be he'll come back against south africa in south africa.....
saw him today, in the bollywood flick "VICTORY"
PS: updated score of today's match-Aussies need 149 runs in 98 balls, Required Run Rate: 9.2


It's true Im not confused
I have a feeling South Africa is going to be the most hated Cricket nation(If they continue to be No. 1) like all other No.1's
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