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Rumor Control: AMD to Release Triple-Core Chips

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AMD's Phil Hester has recently criticized what he calls the "core for cores sake" approach to churning out microprocessors. In light of those comments comes an interesting rumor about a new triple-core desktop microprocessor that AMD could be releasing as early as January.

According to the Inquirer, the so-called Phenom X3 -- which would have three processing engines as opposed to the quad-core Phenom FX series -- could give the company some much-needed leverage against Intel, at least from a marketing perspective. While it's a relatively easy matter to disable one core, Intel wouldn't be able to effectively produce a tri-core processor at this point because of the way the company currently approaches quad-core -- slapping two dual-core dies into a single-socket CPU. AMD, on the other hand, can do tri-core due to its Direct Connect architecture, which provides a dedicated channel between the CPU cores and from each CPU out to the system memory.

While it's still unclear whether the rumored tri-core chips will simply be based quad-core chip with one core disabled, it's largely believed that the processors will at least tout the same architectural selling-points as their quad-core relatives like the shared L3 cache and HyperTransport technology.

That said, a triple-core chip wouldn't necessarily be a homerun for AMD. Other than to point out that its competitor doesn't have one, it's not immediately clear how AMD would market such a chip as it would theoretically compete with both dual-core and quad-core Intel processors, as well as AMD's forthcoming quad-core Phenom and its existing Athlon X2 chips.



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what's the point of buying an triple core processor, now quad processors are available and it also says that it has one core disabled


^ Is it true... or just an another rumor?

Once there was a rumor when ATi tied up with AMD.... rumors said... AMD CPU's will be integrated in ATi GPU's !


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gud idea.. i m thinking of changing my name to tera core.. that would fetch me more $$$$ coz.. as time period moves on the money increases.. or to just get it earlier.. i ll make it megacore.. so i can get the copyrights money earlier than gigacore.. :p... wooo i m creative. LOLZ


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i'm thinking 2 change mine to kilocore. ;)
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ its all about money honey!!!;) hehe he heh

i get money in ten years time. i just can't wait 2 register the name. ;):D :D
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common. three cores wont hurt....... the architechture maybe such that it'll synchronize the two working cores ....
well i take the idea from birtualisation technology.... a quad core can run 3 Virtual machines together , perhaps more but best when 3 are run...... the 4th core synchronises the other 3 working cores and runs the VT program...

that could be the funda in triplw core AMD!! :0
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