Review of Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro

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Hi there. This is my short review of Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro.

Got the stuff from along with AMD64 X2 3800+ (939 pins). The cost being $37.00 (INR 1700.00 approx)for the cooler including shipping and $150.00 (INR 6500.00 approx.) for the CPU. My brother brought in these stuffs from the STATES.

The Box:


The cooler installed:

came pre-applied with Artic Cooling MX-1 thermal compund. The installation was easy since it uses the same retention mechanism as the stock cooler.
So no extra backplate to be installed nor the board had to be taken out. But had to take out the graphics card for the installation.
There are 6 heat pipes with 42 Aluminium fins to spread the heat. The base is pure copper and it has a 92mm fan installed.
As for the manual there is only a single leaflet with instruction but I think it is sufficient.

Another angle:

I am using ASUS A8N-E motherboard and have overclocked the CPU to 2.4GHz from the stock 2.0GHz @ 1.3v.
The CPU temperature after two hour of gaming (COD2) was around 44C (load) and the idle temperature being around 38C.
The RPM for the fan hovers around 2300-2340. It is very silent, just can't hear any sound even at load. One more thing, the fan connector is sleeved.

Well that's it. Must say that I am very satisfied with the performance of this cooler. One thing to remember that, one must give time for the thermal compound to harden, then it performs at optimum efficiency.


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I suggestion, run Prime95 torture test for about 2-4 hrs and see the load temps, and if its really 44C then push to further!! I'm sure if the 3000+ could do 2.7GHz on the stock cooler, then this can do 2.8GHz with that uber cool cooler!


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Actually ran Prime for 6 hours and the SUPER PI 32M. These temperature after all those tests. Me also thinking of taking it to 2.8GHz. Lets see.


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45$ or so would have gotten you an ultra-120. It'll pulverise all coolers other than Tuniq Tower and Scythe Infinity/Ninja which are about the same level. I'm getting 45-46 both cores loaded by Intel Thermal Analysis Tool at 3.2GHz, 1.35V. If you wanna test how exactly the cooler does, max out both cores using TAT.

Edit:err didn't realize it was an AMD. Not sure if TAT will work on that.
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