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Right off the assembly line
I require a gaming console around 20,000.Should have good multimedia capability and good customer support.I'm not really interested in the latest PS3 Super Slim.I've also heard a lot about the unreliability of the XBOX.And I'll be looking to watch a few movies on it as well.Is the PS3 Slim a good overall device and worth the money.Or should I look at some other console?


Professional Newbie
I think at this point of time, you should wait for the next gen consoles to hit the market. If you want something right now, then PS3 is a good choice.


Right off the assembly line
How long will it take for microsoft and sony to release their next consoles?Any rumors?


Living to Play
Well you see usually a console have a life of around 5-6 years and both current gen consoles have already lived their life, so if you will buy a console now then it would be waste in a couple of years when developers will stop making games for these so its better to wait. :)
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