Replacing Background of a Video

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You might have seen Movies in Hollywood especially those which contain

graphics, are shot using only blue screens in the background and then these

blue screens are replaced by backgrounds of warground,sea,nature, forests


You can easily create these kinds of visual effects in a software

called Ulead Video Studio 10 download this from
(Its given in DIGIT DVD of APRIL)

For practice example lets take the video which is shot in the green


Install and open UVS 10(Ulead Video Studio)and click on this to create a
new overlay track.

Then it will look like this

Now just drag and drop the video that is shot in blue/green background,and

also place the desired background image/video as shown

Now the time to make a Real trick with UVS10 just Click on the video

thumbnail ,click on chroma key -> then set the color to green

Just look at this Beautiful effect ..

Video before ..

And now it is...

Render the final Video in UVS and enjoy.


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Sweet. But make sure that nothing, I mean nothing on the scene is having the same colour as the the overlay mask.

Thanks for the share.


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Just look at the edges of the body..... you cant just tell that the background is replaced.Its too good.
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