Remote Desktop Connection Help Needed

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Hello guys,

I hope there are techies here who can solve my problem.

I success fully use RDC with ppl over broadband with PCs which have a direct IP assigned to them (either static or dynamic), viz. in BSNL DataOne which assigns explicit IPs.

My problem is this what if I want to connect to PCs which are behind a subnet, e.g connected to a single Wi-Fi router like that given by BSNL. Or like my ISP which provides always on connection through a LAN cable.
I am able to connect while being on the same network but not from another one.

Please tell me a way to connect to such PCs. I searched on the web, but they all explain ways to connect to a direct IP.


In the zone
Microsoft shared view, which is based on msn account, allows to share docs,screen etc..
Quite good and smaller in size, + its freeware. try it once :)
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