Reliance Jio selling user data to ad networks in USA, Singapore: Anonymous


Anonymous, the hacktivist group, has claimed to have uncovered data on Reliance Jio selling Indian user data to foreign ad networks for monetary gains. According to Anonymous, two of Reliance Jio's apps, MyJio and Jio Dialer, are sending user data to an advertisement network called Mad-Me, based in USA and Singapore. And, while Reliance officials have denied the information breach, Anonymous has put out a detailed post explaining how anyone can uncover what data is being shared by Reliance Jio to international servers, hence essentially recreating the hack and finding proof of Jio's apparent data breach.

As the Hindu Business Line reports, Anonymous has stated that user data is being leaked to the international servers to make money. Earlier, too, Anonymous had claimed that the Jio Chat app was sending non-encrypted data to the Chinese servers. This not only gave rise to the prospect of a data breach, but anyone from abroad could snoop into private conversations on a non-encrypted service. On top of this, the app's coding was revealed to be in Chinese, which gave rise to deeper suspicions. Reliance Jio Infocomm officials had denied any such claims.

While Anonymous itself has reported that Jio's services are much safer now, but sharing of user data with other nations can be potentially risky. Reliance Jio has refused such claims, and a spokesperson for the company said, "Jio takes its customers’ security and privacy very seriously. In keeping with its highest standards of governance, Jio does not share its customers’ data with any other entity. Any information captured by Jio is only for internal analysis to deliver better quality of service and recommend offerings from Jio’s product portfolio."
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This is only the beginning...of Fear...Dilemma...Hatred...Ambiguity...


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Anyone who thinks that there are companies/ISPs/carries and sorts, are NOT selling any personal info of yours is a bloody freaking fool.


^i thought China paid huge amount for these, may be they already owned us with their Chinese stuff..


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This is make marketing but, if you are planning to buy then be aware JIO facilities, it good only for the Internet and for calling.
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