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Before everything, I'd like to tell everyone that threads in section are manually approved by moderators. From now on, you must choose a thread prefix.

Here are the prefixes:

Discussion: - for generic discussions.
[Complaint] - for complaint threads.
[Praise] - for praising the exception experience if you get one.
[Query] - for questions.
[Views] - if you want to say something or want to share a neutral experience.


For complaints, it is necessary to have the following details:

Company name:

Product (be exact):

Name of the distributor/service provider/dealer and location:


Date of purchase:

Description of problems faced and the incident:

In case of RMA complaints, the also mention the following:

RMA number/Challan:

Date of RMA:


Members are expected to be descriptive, clear and concise at the same time.
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