1. ico

    [Read me] Before you post in this section

    Before everything, I'd like to tell everyone that threads in section are manually approved by moderators. From now on, you must choose a thread prefix. Here are the prefixes: Discussion: - for generic discussions. [Complaint] - for complaint threads. [Praise] - for praising the exception...
  2. NitrousNavneet

    Rename The File

    Whenever I download or convert any songs They appears with site names like this----- Please Suggest me how can I delete that "prefix" from all files In a moment . MOD EDIT: Legality of the content was questionable.
  3. F

    Difference between P8400 and T8400

    i would like to know if there is a difference between the processors with the ' P ' prefix and the ' T ' prefix in Pentium Core 2 Duo processors for laptops
  4. R

    remove "shortcut to" from shortcuts

    hi, Without installing Autopatcher, is there any way to remove "shortcut to" prefix from Shortcuts?
  5. Sourabh

    Microsoft Windows: The End of "My" in "My Computer"

    Microsoft Windows: The End of "My" in "My Computer" Those folders on your Windows desktop will still be yours -- but in the future you'll need to figure that out on your own. Ending a longstanding tradition, Microsoft Corp. plans to stop using the word "my" as the default prefix for such...
  6. tuXian

    .:: Questions Regarding www1 ::.

    While its heard and read a lot that www is becoming obselete and is not necessary to prefix a domain with www. On the other hand I have seen a handful of sites that have www1 and www2 prefixes. In the above context I have the following questions: 1. What are these www1 and www2 prefixes...
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