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Got a new motoRAZR V3i,
The mp3 player is fine but when i close the flap, the music stops.
Does motorola expect us to open the flap whenever we want to listen to music? Its ok at the house, but when i go out, how can i keep the flap open in my pocket?
This is ridiculous. Is there a way out? Am i mossing something?:evil:


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Install iTunes on your computer and transfer the songs from this. Use iTunes to listen to Songs.....

The music player is designed to be stopped once the flap is closed.


strange. Mine doesn't stop playing even with flap closed. Use iTunes to listen to songs. a simple copy-paste method is not suggested.


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It might seem strange to you. but there are two versions of the V3i Phone Available in the Market.

One is the itunes compatible phone. where the default mp3 player will work only with the flap open.

The other can be used to play MP3s normally.

U can differentiate these two phones by the Keypad.

The itunes mobile has the "Music" Key just above the Red "Power" button and for the second type of v3i, it has the "Messages" button instead.

I know this, cos I have seen and used both versions of the v3i.
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