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Rate My Creation.. again!!

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In search of light...
After the overwhelming response I got from my first rate-me thread, I decided to showcase all of my work with you guys. I would like to know how much I have improved as a designer and if you think I am ready to enter professional lobby... BTW, I am still a learner! I am providing the links of my design gallery here so that you can check out my works:

Please let me know if you liked them. Oh, if you want to rate me like you did in the first thread, you are more than welcome but please don't forget to give your feedback also. Awaiting your comments... abhi :)
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In search of light...
I am still waiting for your feedback guys!!.. If you like them let me know, if you don't.. still let me know!


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Have you designed the Girl's top too ? (Neha)

Till now best is the girl seating at beach...
ANd the pensil sketch too...

and this one http://files.shownd.com/a/b/h/abhijeetdeb/uploads/large/212987.jpg

Good mix in all these spl the girl at beach the url I mentioned.
First two are a bit not synced with background properly...

In, color manipulation section: all but the sunrise (or set) are gr8, that sunwala is not matching properly.

Digital section: all are good...

Gr8 work.


Neha's Pic is not properly focused. Please replace that image with a properly focused one.
Beach image is a simple one for me. Not properly white balanced.
sketch is just beautiful.
Boy Jumping on the ocean is not matching with the scene. And there is also some white balance problem.

Cherapunji pic is just awesome. All the images in places section are very very beautiful.

Digital Work:
No knowledge. so no comments.


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Hey buddy gr8 work....!!

Well Photo Manupulation were a lil bit down......I think tat coz of photo shoot quality

Nyway other works r simply gr8...


Keep it up dude....!!


In search of light...
thanks for your feedback, guys. i'll take the cues and try to improvise on them. hopefully, my upcoming designs will be a lot better!.. you can check out my homepage graphic which is my latest work (different from my other works though!)

@rhitwick: no, i dint design the top.. i was playing with background blending! and in the sunset one i was trying something different (colour variation). also, can you tell me exactly which two pics are not synced properly?

@toofan: actually, the original photo was too small and i had to enlarge it. if you (or anyone) knows how to enlarge photos without losing out on quality, please let me know. unfortunately, can't replace that now!.. btw, i am glad that you liked the places section: i clicked all the original ones :wink:

@Krazzy Warrior: thanks buddy, sorry that i am unable to help you much in the siggy thread!

@krishnandu.sarkar: i have to agree with you. almost all the pics so far had bad resolutions and/or quality.. will try to get better ones next time!
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