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Rapidshare prob

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Whenever I try to download a file in rapidshare I always get the message saying that my IP address is already downloading a file. How can my IP download anything when I haven't started any download. Plz suggest how to overcome this prob. Will a firewall or HideIP platinum like software help?


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prob is that ealier some time when u were downloading 4rm rapidshare if download was intrrupted not frm server side but frm client side that is frm urs this prob occurs..... coz ur request is in queue of server and if next time u request to download u'll get mess what ur getting


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RS sucks...

As u r using cable net, any1 else mite hav/ mite be downloading stuff from
RS. As of tday thr is no way to bypass RS. Rapidshare golden pack,
guardster, hide platinum, etc. nothing works. Only option u hav is to
purchase premium a/c.


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RS uses several techniques so dat even using Proxy IP address, Hide IP
Platinum does not help (though in some cases it does but not for a long time)

If poss. try downloading using andr connection which is not on the same cable
net as urs


You must be in a LAN type connection. Do you have a static IP adress or a dynamic one.

99% yours is dynamic and hence the trouble.

There are methods below try them,


You have to use a proxy server to access RS. But you will get extremely slow speeds.

Try going to (http://www.proxy4free.com) and edit the settings in your browser.


Also, I have heard about this Rapidshare Link Grabber
Please search via Google for it as I have never used it .It may help you.

3) Try this,


All the best.
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