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Hi... i have bought a new HTC One V a week back. The phone is fine. but its the software i am worried about the Android always goes online without my permission. Is there any way i could stop this using any software or something... please... this is my android phone i really liked the software expect this... please....


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I believe u have the data network turned on. Long press the power botton and deactivate that.

Alternatively, use Juice defender to schedule mail and fb sync


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i think you used to use a nokia mobile earlier where every time before connecting to net it asks your permission to connect. Its different in android the mobile always remains online to connect with various google services and other apps which you might be using.
To prevent the phone to go online you can uncheck the mobile data option and check it only when you require to use internet. Alternatively you can disable background services so that the mobile will still connect to internet but use much less data.


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Hi though it may be off topic...
But can you please give your review of experience of HTC one V.
I am planning to buy this phone but some people are saying its main disadvantages are that its battery is not detachable so in case it hangs or somethings happens to battery..everytime you have to run to workshop which again is a problem with HTC,
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