Pune meet....when?

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First to the thread starter we were having Pune meets for quite some time.


And we are the best of friends now :) We did lots of brain storming over the phone chats and over a cuppa. Believe me its too good to get to know ppl of the same thinking process.

gauravakaasid - u seem to be studying in Symbi or I2IT, am I right.
casanova - u were supposed to appear in our meets but somehow u couldn't make it.
tarey_g - Whazzzzzzup !!
rak007 - infy hmmmmmmmmmmm

BTW I work for Persistent Systems, Erandwane; am in this beautiful city for the last 18 months. I have become a typical MH-14 (For the uninitiated explanation in the meet). Anyways I dun wanna sound mystical and stuff; but due to some other tieups I may not be able to make it. But still will try. If everything works out I will drop by. Hinjewadi is kewl coz I stay 15 mins from it :D


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yep... we had couple of meet... most of them at my home :)
where we exchanged lots of data and full gosip on techonology
in fact for 2-3 years pune meet was biggest thread on thinkdigit..... later we somehow stopped using forum for meet....
its nice to see new people here.............. so what the plan for next meet ?


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Hey Mykey,
I am pm-ing you my cell no. If possible do ring me.

I am almost ever-ready. I am game for it.

I checked the thread about the meet when you were in pune. It had died and so our treat.

If the plan is to Lohagad, we should ideally be crossing your college. The otherwise would only be if we take d rail track.

Going with bikes would be a great idea. I would be the pillon rider.

Any chances of Digit sponsoring the meet. We can put an article on the meet in the following month as a goodwill gesture. :D

@rak007, djmykey, gauravakaasid
We can have a warmup @ Hinjewadi - Gauravakaasid's !dea


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Warmup @ hinjewadi !!! I live in kalyani nagar :( . It will be like going to lohgarh for me, and i don't know the way :D.

abt going by bike, imo maybe next time. Coz my bike still has Rajasthan 's reg no. and i usually have to give traffic police a slice from my bread whenever they spot me :(.

we can have warm up meet at E-Square maybe, it seems to be the central location.

@Michael, whazzzup ! :)
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I am ever-ready. That should be fine as well. But, I would prefer Inox.

Warm up @ Hinjewadi was those staying/working in Hinjewadi. Hence, I asked only 3 of them.


I am fine with esquare but it wont be possible on weekends since i leave for Mumbai on Friday and return back on Monday morning directly to office. And it is not possible for me to stay in Pune over the weekend (only in very very urgent situation i do not go). BTW i havent taken my bike for a ride for past 1 month because of rains. I dont wanna take any risk (still an amateur at bikes).
You guys can continue. Have a great time :)


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Gauravakaasid was in for it. So am I (but last minute glitches would always be there as I would be in office and don't know whether I would have to stay back for some more time. But this would be a rare scenario). What about rak007 and mykey.


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Atleast not on a weekend. Anything else should be fine with me.

@Rak007, do you have a bike or else will have to wait for shuttles.
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