1. D

    PSU has crashed ? Corsair GS 600

    Hi, I have a corsair gs 600 which i bought some 3 years back, I recently upgraded by graphics card from 650ti boost to gtx 1060 6gb. When i switched the graphics card , i noticed that the inbuilt fan in the case wasn't working, and was planning to look it over the weekend. PC worked fine...
  2. a_k_s_h_a_y

    Bangalore meet up?

    I watch every movie these days first week with same old college, office friends. This time for Warcraft movie, I think it would be more exciting with other gamer dudes. So who's here Jun 10th and weekend?
  3. aaruni

    [Query] Laptop for service

    Need to get my laptop (HP-Pavilion-G6) to a service center, the RAM slot seems to be faulty, a tad bit too thin to fit a memory module. Need to get it to a service center the next weekend. Any known malpractices I should be aware of ?
  4. P

    Last weekend

    What you did on your last weekend...I spend my weekend with my family did lots of shopping and enjoyed a lot...what you did...
  5. I

    Guild Wars 2 Beta coming up

    Hey guys, as the GW2 beta weekend 2 is coming from 8th june to 10th june, I wanted to ask if anyone of you have pre-purchased it or got a beta key? I have pre-purchased it and would like to have some company from this forum. It would be great to play together and kick some shiny asses :lol: So...
  6. B

    Is the Freezer 7 pro rev.2 good enough for 2500K?

    Hi! I am going to buy this cooler this weekend for my 2500K and I want to know if this cooler good enough even at load? Thanks!
  7. D

    New PC

    Hi Friends, I want to buy a new PC. budget is 20K. Need to install windows-7, RHEL, Ubuntu. Please give me some suggestions. I should buy before next weekend.
  8. din

    Bangalore meetup - this weekend - anyone?

    I know this is too close to the weekend, but could not finalize before. Planning to go to Bangalore this weekend. Any chance we can make a small get-together on Saturday? Contacted the veterans Charan (read: Charan Uncle) and Jeba (Uncle Jeba), both will be there. Trying to contact others...
  9. Cool G5

    Weekend Photography in Mumbai - Need Participants

    I'm passionate about Photography. Till now, its only me & myself who has been doing all the photography alone, reading articles on photography & enriching my knowledge on my own. But as you know it can get very tiring for a lone person to go out & click. So I would like to invite you all to join...
  10. desiibond

    Call for Unofficial Bengaluru Digitians meet

    Hey guys, Let's meet on one weekend. My pick: 1st weekend of July (4th or 5th of July) Location: let's discuss. My pick would be Cafe`
  11. K

    new phone

    hello everyone, this is my first post. pardon me if it is placed in wrong section. i am travelling to delhi this weekend and want to buy g502. where can i get best deal in delhi ,and whats the price.
  12. K

    Need all the advice i can get

    Hey everyone will be buying a new PC finally this weekend need your suggestions. I have budget of 30k for Processor,Motherboard,Ram,Graphic card,power supply,cabinet. Thanks everyone
  13. P

    Visit to an NGO in Gurgaon named DEEP ASHRAM..

    Sometimes life gives you everything and sometimes it takes a lot of things from you. But there are some for whom life has always taken and gave nothing. Some efforts are necessary to make their life better and give them some of the part which you have achieved. In order to achieve this, we...
  14. gauravakaasid

    Pune meet....when?

    Guys...please put forth your views on this. I don't think there has been a single Pune meet till date. I have been in Pune for the last two months, so don't know about this place much. You guys can decide on the time and venue, preferably on a weekend.
  15. M

    need ur advise

    hey ppl i own canon sx100 digicam. I m going to short trip this weekend. Pls let me know how to protect my cam in rains?thanx.
  16. devauniversal

    Apple may have sold 200,000 IPhones over weekend

  17. aryayush

    Trible: A Next Generation Bittorrent Client?

    Published: Today, @ May 21, 11:26 AM Source: TorrentFreak Author: Ernesto After you’ve downloaded a few files the application should know if you are the Madonna type or more a Britney person. Moreover, it is the first P2P system which has merged online friends and a sense of community...
  18. ferrarif50

    Microsoft to Buy Ebay?

    Source: *www.techslash.com/Technews/msebay.php The New York Post created some buzz among those who didn't cut out of town early this (U.S.) holiday weekend by reporting Friday that Microsoft, for several weeks, has been discussing the possible acquisition of online auction site eBay.
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