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Project CARS


The Mighty Unkel!!!
Staff member
I m going to buy it soon. I m wondering how will it run on my GTX 770 + i7 4770 .. I have the Driving Force GT Wheel+ XBOX controller ..Hope it will keep me hooked :)

One question though, Do we need to download any patches after installation ? Or everything's on the disk itself

I bought it off steam.


The Mighty Unkel!!!
Staff member
AAh .. I should have known, as release date for project cars in India ( on games the shop) is showing as 19thMay, dont know why.
Btw, you playing with wheel or controller?

Controller, I don't have a wheel. I still need to calibrate the controller.


Wise Old Owl
Project Cars -- Too much for me. Its like a serious driving sim for pros. Not getting entertained after driving cars, which beats my very idea of playing games, worth collecting the game though. Visuals are average.

Yep not for arcade racing fans . Also i find it the best looking Racing game after driveclub . Don't know how you are finding visual average .


CyberdyneSystems Model101
Just bought this game :twisted: . The disc is expected to be shipped today . Super excited to play this .
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