problem in updating windows !

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Hi. I'm facing a problem in updating windows. I've XP pro. in my pc. when i'z updating the windows in shows a message "product key is not valid so windows can't be updated plz inform microsoft." and itz not updated. what all i've to do in order to update the windows. plz help me.


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It means that your copy of Windows is a pirated version and it wont allow you to use the Windows Update feature. Its highly recommended that you get yourself a legal copy of Windows XP Professional, or if you do have a legal copy, contact Microsoft Technical Support and send a photo of your COA/manual/disc along with the registration details you provided at the time of registering Windows XP.


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This means that u are in possession of an Illegal copy of windows XP !

Either approach ur comp vendor for licensing issues or buy an original copy urself !

Do that b4 the microsoft ppl knock (with ur local police) on ur door and arrest u !


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If you are having original copy of XP Pro and then not able to update then do the following

Install X-Setup (search for it through google) under the virtual paranoia key name click on user data. Now i think you are smart enough to understand what you have do. ;)
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