Problem in installing Windows XP SP2


I have a desktop with Intel P4 3.0 GHz Processor, 915 based MB, 512 MB DDR RAM (128x4) and a 80 GB HDD (SATA). Earlier I had Windows XP SP2 installed on my drive. Later I switched to Ubuntu and kept switching between the two OS's as and when required. Last year I even installed the preview version of Win7. Everything was fine until then. Now, if I try to install any other OS; be it Ubuntu, Win7, Fedora etc., I am able to do so without any problems. But, whenever I try to install Windows XP, the system hangs randomly at any step during the installation process. I tried to use a different installation medium but that produced the same results. Also, I am able to install XP on another system using the same disk. I then tried to install XP using a pen drive, but that failed too (with same effect).

I have installed Win7 on the system and its working fine, but I want to install and use XP. If anybody could please help me rectify the problem and install XP on my system, I would be very grateful.

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