Prob in installing XP on HP dv4-1204TU Laptop

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I have a HP dv4-1204TU laptop which came with Windows Vista Home Basic pre-installed on it. Now, due to my work requirements (VS 2003, Oracle etc.), I formatted (thereby removed Vista) using Windows 7 DVD. I want to install Windows XP SP2 or above on one of the partitions. But when I boot the system from the XP CD, an error screen (Blue) appears after initializing. And hence I am not able to install XP on it.

After going through many posts available, I got to know that I need to either (a) disable SATA option in my BIOS, or (b) Slipstream SATA drivers with XP. The problem is that I couldn't find an option to disable SATA in the BIOS. I even tried slip-streaming SATA drivers with XP..The same error occurred then too. I am not sure if I included the right drivers.

I even installed Windows 7 on my laptop and then tried to install the XP Mode feature, but this failed as it said that my hardware doesn't support virtualization which is a requirement for XP Mode.

Now I am stuck with the problem. Can anybody help me in installing XP on my laptop? Its very important for me..plzz help..


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u should be able to disable native SATA support in BIOS. try resetting the bios settings.

if this doesn't work u have to upgrade u r BIOS(flash u r bios) and try it.

warning: This is for advanced user (some of u r devices may not work properly if u get wrong bios). do it at u r own risk!!.

my suggestion would be try installing xp virtually. use vmware or sun virtualbox to install xp.(this requires min 2gb of ram to work properly).
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