1. B

    Print sizes

    Hi Guys, My friend is publishing a magazine in his village. He used to type the magazine at his home in Pagemaker 7 or Quark Express 4.0 on a pc with win XP, then convert the pages to Jpeg and then get the print outs in tracing/butter paper before it is published on magazine paper. Now the...
  2. aswinandaswin

    Adobe pagemaker to Indesign

    My uncle works in adobe Pagemaker 7. He asked me about the next version for upgradation. I searched in net and found nothing but Indesign Is indesign the next version of Pagemaker 7 ? or is it a new s/w from adobe
  3. victor_rambo

    Open pagemaker 6.5 files (.p65) with pagemaker 7

    Hi guyz, Can anybody tell me how to open Adobe pagemaker 6.5 files (.p65) with pagemaker 7? I tried renaming the .p65 file to .pmd. The files did open but the contents did not seem proper. Looks like the file was corrupted. I did see if there is any "Import" option--but could not find. Also...
  4. M

    a doubt in Adobe Page Maker-pls help

    dears, well a doubt in page maker. i m a newbe n pagemaker. hw can i move the selected object freely,?i w nt to get keyboard shotcut. in photoshop and MS Word and all, we can move throughly by pressing the ALT+ARROW. what s the shotcut in Pagemaker? waiting
  5. N

    good laserjet printer/all in one printer for DTP/PAGEMAKER

    Hello guys, Can hp all in one printer the one priced for 5000 rs/- is suitable for DTp and pagemaker applications, Does lasejet 1022 and 1020 printer cause any problems in Dtp and pagemaker applications. thanx
  6. U

    PM5 Files : Pls hurry

    Emergency, What software to use to open pm5 files? any alternative to pagemaker? adobe reader? pls hurry
  7. B

    How to convert pagemaker file to pdf ?

    Hello Guys, I got one pagemaker file (.p65) I would like to convert it to PDF format. Any one can help me ? Any one has got Pagemaker 7.5 I guess this feature is there in 7.5.
  8. expertno.1

    How to view .p65 file without installing Adobe Pagemaker ?

    How to view .p65 file without installing Adobe Pagemaker ? since i dont have pagemaker 6.5 and the file is .p65 which is not being opened by pagemaker 6.0 is there any third party or any other way to only view th contents of the file ? (without installing pagemaker) Thanks Regards...
  9. lahratla

    Cannot run Pagemaker 6.52

    I've installed Adode Pagemaker 6.52 in WinXP+SP2 from the administrator account. While the program could be run from the account, it could not be run from all the other accounts I've created. When trying to open it from the other accounts, the following eror meassage appears: "Cannot Run...
  10. whoopy_whale

    Pagemaker and Word

    I've moved over to Adobe Pagemaker from MS Word after finding Pagemaker much easy to work with.But I lack a feature there. In Word,if we make a mistake during typing,the erroneous word gets underlined indicating a typo. How can I implement this feature in Pagemaker?I am not talking about the...
  11. A

    Installation problem

    Hello to all, Iam new to computer so Iam asking more questions please dont bother me. When I trying to install Adobe PageMaker 7 , Foxpro or some games system displays 16Bit Widndows Subsystem C:/windows\system32\autoexec.nt. The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and...
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