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[Preview] Digit Magazine - March 2005

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i received my copy yesterday...
and that book on digital photography was much better than expected :p
congrats to digit for such a fabulous idea...
keep it up..


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ico... docs... were amazing!!... weel i had most of icon sets... but hey!!.. i got back those whom i deleted by mistake sometime ago!!

thnx :)


Staff member
This IS the feedback thread... I thought everyone knew that??? Why do we need a preview AND a feedback thread??

PS: vysakh: What is that USER BANNED thing mean in your signature?

Indyan said:
tuxfan said:
Where's the feedback thread for March issue raaabo?
I must say this issue is a great value for money. The book on Digital Photography is a great value addition. Contents is good, although paper quality is not great. It must not have been economically viable. But hats off to Digit team for making it possible. :) I haven't been able to go through the mag contents though.

Two contradictory statements in your post

Indyan, those statements are NOT contradictory. Read the post again, he says he likes the Digital Photography Book, but has not had time to read the Magazine

Just trying to prevent the inevitable war of words ;)


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ppl keep telling abt the newspaper thing, it's not that bad and it's ok as it has very good content in it.


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what happened to the old issues in pdf format??

The Fast Track is great. But the paper quality is very poor. and the images are hardly visible. Why cant u give it in PDF format with all that pictures. it will be very useful.

in the fast track website section pls mention free softwares seperately. it will be helpful for many. and mention some linux alternatives.


I loved the "Digital Photography" supplement. Its compiled pretty well. Looking forward to more on the series.
I have a couple of suggestions which could help us readers a bit
1. Could you please mention the visual style used by the winner in the "My Desktop" segment.
2. The "30 days with.." segment could do with a makeover. I'd suggest scrapping it with a brand new segment on a "software faceoff" Say Opera vs. Firefox (thats too easy...everyones foxy these days :mrgreen: ) How about MS Antispyware vs. Lavasoft Ad-Aware?. This way we'd know which is better without having to resort to the "trial and dump" routine.
I got the Issue today.Haven't read it yet so wion't post the feedback.....

But I wud like to comment on the Awful paper quality of the Fast Track
Book on Digital Photography.Colour would have been godd but thinking
abt the Budget constraints,B/W is ok but only if the paper quality
would have been somewhat better,it would have ben enjoyable more.

Whoever heard of a Black n White Book on Photography!!!!!!

@raaabo: I thot the User Banned in Vysakh was Done by u!!!

@raaabo again: How abt Renaming the [Preview] as [Feedback] so as
to stop keeping the readers waitin'
or is it Byte Huzoor's Job???
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