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  1. FatBeing

    [Preview + Feedback] Digit December 2007 Special Issue

    Apologies for the delay. This special issue costs Rs 200; don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. The Magazines Entertainment The Homecoming Of HD You can’t turn a corner without tripping over a “get your HDTV cheap” ad, but where’s the content? When do we see our saas-bahu...
  2. aryayush

    Here’s a Mac FAQ if You’re Looking to Buy a Computer

    Here’s a Mac FAQ if You’re Looking to Buy a Computer November 15, 2007 by Walter S. Mossberg When I write my computer buyers’ guides, I typically focus on Windows computers, not the Apple Macintosh. That’s because I assumed that buying a Mac required little guidance: It’s sold by only one...
  3. FatBeing

    [Preview + Feedback] Digit May 2007

    Cue in the dancing monkeys... Stage clears...(mess cleaned too) Rolling... Magazine Contents Digital Passion Main Story Ultimate Gaming Champion Which console will you buy? We've finally pitted the Xbox 360, the PS3 and the Wii against each other! Insight Cool Code The code...
  4. Raaabo

    [Preview] April 2005 Digit Magazine

    Please also consider this the feedback thread: Enter Acclaimed thinker and author Dr Edward deBono doesn’t use much tech Netscape Rises From The Ashes A worm that spreads via P2P networks such as KaZaA What 3G is, and how 3G-enabled devices work Digital Passion Security...
  5. Raaabo

    [Preview] Digit Magazine - March 2005

    Enter Celeb Geek Adnan Sami on what tech means to him Made in India: The Handheld Of Tomorrow Internet Explorer vulnerabilities—yet again! ‘Pharming’ is, of course, next-gen Phishing. Here’s how they do it Digital Passion The Attack Of The Mobile Gamers The statistics are...
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