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Post your mobile cam pics


Eager to learn.
:p .. Don't laugh at this :p .. scene - night , flash - off , self timer - off , sequence - off , Exp. compensation - -0.5 , white balance - sunny
, color tone - black and white , ISO - low ...

Impossible yaar.

Plz tell me the truth.


damn busy...
^^it was just a small typo. that sentence had both the meanings so it depends on the reader what he understands :D


^^it was just a small typo. that sentence had both the meanings so it depends on the reader what he understands :D
punctuation FTW :p

original: took by my friend when i was driving using my N73 ME

should have been: took by my friend, when i was driving, using my N73 ME (or) took by my friend, using my N73 ME, when i was driving

now you have corrected :p sorry man I'm becoming very picky :D



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My favourite bike. Taken with my W710i (wb at sunny).

Another one (Default settings).

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damn busy...
poilcemen crossing the level crossing hurriedly when the train was very near :mad: :D :D :mad: :razz: :razz: :D

took it by my N73 ME today


Right off the assembly line
following pic was taken by mobile (dont remember if it was w810 or k790) while travelling from train between Londa and Belgaum


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Me outside Saint Garison church, Lucknow. Ex Gf took the pic, as we met after loooooooong time. :D



Let the music play.....
Ok if y'all can, then beat this pic. I had to stop collect my jaw from the floor.
Take out my cam "click", eyed the watchman coming in my direction.
Started my bike zoomed the heck outta there.

Yeah baby this is what I'm talking about. Sheer royalness!!!

Taken by my Nokia 5610 default settings.


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Guys please post thumbnails. Have some mercy on us slow net users! ImageShack is your friend. :)

Cool G5

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This is my favourite hangout - Shivaji Park,Mumbai.I visit there everyday to relieve myself from stress & to jog. This was captured from my Nokia 5700 Xpress Music in morning at around 10 PM. :D The dust in the air made for some superb effects.
Even though the camera of 5700 is average, the result turned out to be superb.

Here is a bike having a exhaust with sticker of NFS Most Wanted. Looks cool naa?
Snapped it with my Nokia 3230.

I have loads of intresting pics taken from these mobiles. I believe that good photographs do not need you to have a good camera, just use your creativity to get impressive results. :cool:
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