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Bought Thrustmaster Sidestick Airbus Edition Joystick for 4,950/- from Flipkart (with deal and bank discount)



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Bought Tinkle online "lifetime" subscription for ₹599 (Dussehra offer) to rekindle my childhood. :-D
Apparently lifetime means 5 years for them. Maybe they would extend it automatically but not sure.



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Looking nice!!
What's the battery backup you are getting on this?
Only just received it yesterday. But after full charge lost ~20% charge in last 12 hours. So I suppose good for maybe 2+ days.
This is with Heart Rate measurement every 10 min, WiFi on, GPS off, Sleep SpO2 monitoring, Installing some apps.
Charging is slow, but then again wireless charging isn't very efficient.


right here
Got two pairs of Buds 2 Pro
Quick impression: These tiny buds pack some punch. The audio quality is good, so is the ANC and call quality. These would mostly be used for taking calls and bedtime lullabies. I would prefer my Sony WH-H910N headphones or the Logitech Z625 speakers for music and movies.

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