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Congrats [MENTION=135367]007[/MENTION] do post a review on it.
Congrats 007!! Yes, please do post a review.
Hey guys! Thank you but let me be honest - I am no audiophile so I am truly not eligible to give a proper review as I don't know what level of detail you would expect from a review.
I don't even use headphones for my PC as well. It is always on speakers and I never bothered to buy a headphones for mobile till date. Of late, I have been traveling a lot and had to attend lots of office calls on the move, so I felt that a hands-free would be nice and that idea was on the back of my head for a while. This offer came up yesterday for ₹149 so I thought why not and just bought it. No research involved. I can list out my impressions -

1. Shipping was extremely fast. Ordered 2PM yesterday. Received today morning 10AM via Bluedart. Never expected a non-standard online store to act and ship at this speed.
2. Usually, if I had to use a headphone, I always prefer a over-the-ear as I am not comfortable with in-ear types because it starts paining after a while. But this little one surprised me! It was very ergonomically designed, it fitted nicely in my ear and never had that uncomfortable feeling since it had support from above the ear too.
3. Voice call was quite clear and no complaints about the mic from the other end as well.
4. The audio is very good. I know this is a vague statement but I don't have much expertise to describe in detail here TBH. I played few songs of different genres and they were all pretty crisp and clear even at loud volumes. Had it on my ear for an hour playing songs and did not feel like it was there at all.

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There was a flat 500 off store-wide coupon yesterday and everyone looted whatever products fall in the ₹500 or nearby range, which is why you are seeing all colors of headphones out of stock right now. Screen protectors for ₹0, tempered glass for ₹99 were some of the other items that worked with the coupon.


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Bought KZ-ATE HI-FI ( sports Edition ) IEM from for 15$ with help from a friend. Will try post some photos by EOD...and a brief review soon.


Wise Old Owl
They sell for around 9$ on aliexpress, shipping free.
Thank you, but I could avoid the time overhead and shipping issues and I did. The earphone is waiting at home securely and smoothly delivered, well within 24 hours of ordering, brought by someone who I know for 15 years.

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Got my seasonic s12g Smps today.

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