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Plz suggest best mobo (intel Chipset) under Rs 7000.

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is that with onboard GPU or without onboard GPU?

There are couple of P45 based mobos from Gigabyte and ASUS that are pretty solid but these are without GPU.


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my pick would be Gigabyte and check this:


1. Ultra Durable 3 technology with 2 oz copper PCB for lower working temperature
2. Revolution energy saving design with DES Advanced featuring hardware based Dynamic 6-Gear switching
3. Supports 45nm Intel Core 2 multi-core processors with FSB 1600 MHz
4. Natively support dual channel DDR3 2200+ for remarkable system performance
5. Ultimate graphics performance with PCI-E x16 interface
6. 100% 50,000 hours lifespan of Japanese solid capacitors design
7. Patented DualBIOS with dual hardware BIOS protection
8. Hardware Overvoltage Control IC provides more voltage control options on CPU, North bridge and memory
9. Blu-ray playback supported by Blu-ray playback supported by high quality 106dB SNR ALC889A HD audio


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It should, given that it's doesn't have CF and CF based P45 mobos start at 8k price range. I think it retails for 105$ in USA.


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you can go for that one too. And I liked that space left between PCI-E slot and PCI slot. helps if you want to add a dual slot GPU and two PCI cards.


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MSI P45Neo3-FR is a superb board. But somewhere deep in my mind, I have a feeling that Gigabyte and ASUS are more safer in terms of longevity and support.

If you have not such feeling, definitely you can go for it. Let others too respond as to how they feel about this board.


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thanks to all of u 4 ur support

ok i have decided to go 4 da gigabyte board. Could u tell me where can i buy gigabyte mobos from bangalore. plz include tel no if possible.


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Do not go for MSI. They have bad capacitors. BIOS is not that good. Also am sure you would get heating problems!


Could you show me a few links supporting the same...

1. Bad BIOS -- most motherboards out of the box need a BIOS flash which corrects things.
2. Capacitors -- mostly solid state these days. Have long life span. Obviously a component will go 'bad' if not treated correctly. Bad voltage, incorrect configuration.
3. Heating -- depends how the system has been physically set up. Have seen boards with good cool pipe solutions.

Do not come in here and make comments of the bat.

ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, EVGA, FoxConn are all companies famous for making excellent boards -- infact that is their main product.


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guys suggest me good IGP(AMD/intel both) mobo...
wud hav gone for same mobo as ZBUU has gone for..need a mobo upgrade too
but was lookin fr grafix solution as well ..dont feel like investing in gfx card ryt nw..
budget is 10k at the max..
currently hav pentium E2400 currntly ..wont mind switching to amd if i get good bang for the buck!!!
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