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:::::::::::plz help me camera :::::::::::::::::::

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In the zone
hi guys,

i want to buy a nice camera

10-12 megapixel
wide angle lens - fish eye
HD quality both in photo and video
Good battery Life

my choice is only a sony camera well ihave shortlisted some models like

1) H20
2) T90
3) W290


Cyborg Agent
I too own a cybershot :)
but Cybershot is good for just Point and shoot Photography, If you want to play with manual settings, forget Cybershot and look at other options.

Panasonic Lumix FZ35 is one hell of a snapper, in ultra zoom category, a must try before moving to SLR's.Highly recommended by many reviewers
Here's the Product page http://bit.ly/9zN37Y
and a review from Photography blog http://bit.ly/dsCBfP

My friend had an older FZ28, I have used it for a brief period, I can vouch for it.

No idea about Canon and Nikon models in that price range, better wait for other suggestions.
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