Pls suggest the best LCD TFT.

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well my monitor has gone kaput and i am planning to buy a lcd tft screen.
my budget is 10,000/-. i am looking for a 19" wide screen. i will be basically doing image editing jobs, so looking for the best color and resolutions.

pls suggest which one will be the best.

also suggest 17" flat monitor for the above mentioned jobs as i have read that monitors are better than tft screen in photo editing jobs.

thanks in advance


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Well .. I am using Viewsonic 1912wb for some time and I'd really recommend it. I guess you'll now get it for just under 10K ..


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For editing & colour related jobs on LCD, look beyond TN panel. If u can't increase budget, get a CRT.


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VS 1912wb is gud for its price which is some 8.4k now. But do consider Dell 198WFP which is much better nd comes with DVI too, but itll cost u 10k~10.5k depending on the dealer nd location.
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