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Pls help!!!!!!


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My internet is working above 3mbps in morning then after 15 minutes the speed decreased to 0.10mbps but when I connected my dongle to my tablet I m getting speed above 3mbps but on my PC I get only 0.10mbps. How to get back 3mbps on my PC again


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Which connection ? Mention dongle model and make. Reinstall the USB modem drivers in PC and check.


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@ OP: If you need any kind of valuable suggestion, try taking a few moments to express your problem properly and in sufficient detail. Seriously, if you dont have the time to explain yourself properly, you dont really expect us to take the trouble to suggest anything, do you?

As for the problem at hand, do you have any software that might be downloading updates, say an antivirus or so?


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Where is your PC placed ?? Because if its placed in a corner then it might not be catching the signals optimally.


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@ Op - what mobo do you have ? did you try with the USb port on the cabby or at the back of the mobo ?? I've faced similar issue when I used cabinet's USb port ( had to re-install windows USB drivers ) - if possible try some other USB ports preferably the usb ports on the mobo. Also install SP1 for windpws 7 - it should fix many issues.
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