Please suggest me...Its urgent [upgrade 20k]

bisant chettri

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Help me upgrade these Hardware products written in blue color fonts...

My current configurations :

CPU : core2duo E7500 2.93ghz
MB : Intel DG41 RQ
Graphics : Zotac Geforce 9600GT
Memory : 4GB DDR2 800Mhz

I have AOC F22 display

My maximum budget is 20K.

I also want to play games like Gta4, call of duty, crysis, justcause2, Company of Heroes, etc...:-|

Thanks for the suggestion..
My current powersupply is FOXIN AERO COOL 450w.
should i change the PSU??
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Re: Please suggest me...Its urgent

Your current system is a good one. I won't suggest you to go for a whole system upgrade as new CPUs are getting released at the end of this year by both AMD and Intel.

For playing latest generation games you need to add a good Graphics card, and if you don't have premium level pSU already, then a PSU.

My suggestion will be
Palit GTX 460 1GB GDDR5 SONIC @ 14.4k
VTX3D HD5850 1GB GDDR5 @ 15.2k

And for PSU
Corsair VX550W @ 4.7k (if you don't have)

Both of them are very good Graphics card, but HD 5850 is little powerful than Nvidia GTX 460, but for Nvidia you will get PhysX, CUDA etc.


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Re: Please suggest me...Its urgent

@OP, get these:

Graphics card: Zotac GTX460 1Gb (or EVGA, if available) or any HD5850 (except XFX).
PSU: Corsair VX450W or VX550W as mentioned by Cilus. but 450W will do. whats your current PSU?

and invest the rest of the money in adding some good 120mm fans to your cabinet, if your cabinet don't have good ventilation.

i not suggesting you a complete system change cause that way you'll not be able get any performance benefit over your existing hardware.

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Re: Please suggest me...Its urgent

yeah, at 20k, you can hardly get at a config which will give a better performance. You proccy is a good one, just change the gfx card & SMPS and save the rest of the money (if you have any left) for an upgrade in the future with newer range of CPUs.

bisant chettri

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Re: Please suggest me...Its urgent

Thanks guys..
Should I keep the same processer or should i go for the new intel core I family processors??:smile:


Re: Please suggest me...Its urgent

don't think you can go for i-series, which will require new mobo + ddr3 ram & considering max of 20k budget.


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Re: Please suggest me...Its urgent

even if you have the extra 10k to go for intel i3 530 and mobo and extra 5k for rams
the move is not recommended
since performance would be parallel


As all have so rightly said, you just need a good graphics card and maybe a good power supply too (no idea on the one you have).
With that upgrade, your present computer is goodto serve you well for some more time.
But may i please suggest that you don't spend all available resources on the graphics card and put aside a new budget for the same.
If i were in your place, i would get something that is good enough to play all the games i want to play at the required resolution or something slightly better. :)
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